Demo 2013

by Statement X

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released December 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Statement X Hanover, Germany

Hannover Straight Edge

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Track Name: Intro / Sellout

Statement X
We are comin' through
What we hate
Are drugheads like you


You slam down that beer
Trying so hard to be so cool
But we both know
That you're just a fucking tool
You're acting so tough
Just to get the girls and be the best
But all of this shit
Is nothing that will ever last

Your selling yourself out
At the same time you are
Just another person feeling proud

Can't you see the difference of you and me
While you get caught up in the race
We choose to be free

Can't feel the guilt
Of getting wasted every night
You try to adjust
(While) All your ideals turn to dust
Your selling your soul
Just to keep your spot, keep your luck
It's wrong to believe
That you're someone to fucking trust
Track Name: Get Real
You said you're true
But lied instead
Don't care how you feel
Dropout! Get Real!
Foolin' yourself man you lost the game
Stabbed us in the back
Hope all you feel is shame

You said you're edge
But dropped instead
You lost the deal
Dropout! Get Real!
You were never really true
Live your shitty Life, fuck you!

Go on and keep poisoning yourself
But don't ask me me, if you need any help
Go ahead and just kill yourself
But don't hope for me, right after you failed
Track Name: Naziheadstomp
You tell the world
That there is a difference
Proving a point
A point full of bullshit
Believing your lies
The shitheads around you
But I won't listen to a word you say, cause
You are the plague
That needs to be shattered,
You are nothing but an ignorant bastard
Don't even try preaching around me
When you come near me
Im going to put you down

How can you be so stupid
Thinking your the best
Your foolish Ideology
Gives me the fucking rest
I don't know what went wrong with you
And I don't fucking Care
Don't ever come close to me
Don't you fucking dare